The Pentarch Group


Pentarch Industrial

Pentarch IndustrialEstablished in 1984, Pentarch Industrial is the oldest company in The Pentarch Group.

Pentarch Industrial has successfully developed its Defence-related industry, obtaining a range of accreditations for security and quality management and enforcing a strict respect for deadlines, accountability and efficiency.

Key areas include:

  • Ammunition packaging management service
  • Ammunition packaging production and refurbishment
  • Small arms, medium calibre ammunition and pyrotechnics and hazardous goods disposal
  • Anti-personnel spray and flare disposal

Pentarch Industrial is responsible for maintaining the inventory of Defence’s most commonly used ammunition packages. This project commenced in 2003 with 25,000 boxes and today there are more than 600,000 boxes in the program, all tracked throughout their lifecycle within the Defence system.

Pentarch Industrial refurbishes and recycles reusable components of packaging, including boxes and internal furniture.

Since 1996, Pentarch Industrial has worked on many ammunition breakdown and disposal tasks for Defence, ranging from 5.56mm through various calibres up to and including specialist 105mm artillery ammunition. In developing specialised techniques for this work, the imperative is always safe disposal in an environmentally responsible manner. Other tasks have included disposing of many forms of pyrotechnics, smoke-generating products, anti-personnel sprays and clandestine laboratory materials.

Pentarch Agricultural

Pentarch AgriculturalThe Pentarch Group has been involved in agricultural products for over 25 years since commencing containerised oaten hay supply to Japan in 1987.

In 2002, the group made a strategic decision to invest in a hay pressing and containerising facility in Narrogin, Western Australia, in a joint venture with Wilson Stockfeeds, an experienced grower, processor and exporter of hay based in Tocumwal, New South Wales.

Pentarch Agricultural operates via the following entities:

  • Narrogin Hay The Narrogin facility is centrally located in Western Australia’s renowned best region for grain. This facility has an annual processing capacity in excess of 150,000 tonnes of oaten hay for export, using two purpose-built production lines.
  • Pentarch Farms All international hay and cottonseed sales are managed by Pentarch Farms, which is able to offer a variety of different hay products sourced through its Australia-wide grower network. Pentarch Farms manages sales and marketing to international buyers (both traders and end users), offering a broad market penetration across Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan.
Pentarch Forestry

Pentarch ForestryPentarch Forestry has developed a vertically integrated business exporting in excess of 800,000tn per annum of plantation softwood and hardwood from Australian and New Zealand ports.

The division is actively involved in forestry harvesting and haulage; port logistics including marshalling, storage and stevedoring; and international marketing and shipping.

Pentarch Forestry operates via the following business entities:

  • Pentarch Forestry Services provides specialist forestry services to forest owners including forest management, harvesting and haulage and optimising forestry returns by accessing the domestic and export markets as appropriate.
  • Australian Marshalling Services (AMS) manages all wharf operations including unloading trucks, scaling logs, quality control and ship loading. AMS is also responsible for inventory management using a customised enterprise resource planning software package that enables precise tracking of logs from forest to end customer. AMS works closely with stevedores, waterfront unions and port authorities to develop the most efficient techniques for stowing and loading vessels.
  • AMS Stevedoring manages the stevedoring requirements for Pentarch Forestry and provides stevedoring services at Eden, New South Wales, and other ports as required. AMS Stevedoring also provides stevedoring services to third parties at the Eden facility for other bulk shipping cargoes.
  • Pentarch Forest Products Pty Ltd markets softwood and hardwood logs into international markets, including China, Japan, India, South Korea and United Arab Emirates. The company has considerable management expertise in forestry and international trade. It has exported in excess of 15 million tonnes since inception.
  • Timberships The Pentarch Forestry Division has developed a significant shipping operation, providing bulk ship chartering services to a number of Australian and New Zealand log exporters. The annual shipping volume chartered by Timberships each year exceeds 1,000,000 tonnes. This is managed by a specialised shipping operations team.