The Pentarch Group

business strategy

The Pentarch Group’s approach is founded on business diversity, risk management and people. These three elements combined are key to our success.

Our strategy to business is achieved by:

  • Continually reviewing and refining our business practices and procedures to ensure they are operating at best practice in all respects
  • Developing a performance management system for our staff that incorporates clear goals and objectives, a regular system of review and feedback across all layers of staff
  • Developing a five-year business plan for the group and across each division that clearly outlines where we want to be and how we are going to get there
Mission statement

Through our leadership, integrity, commitment and strategic planning, we will develop and operate commercially focused and enduring businesses within our group which are respected by our people, our business partners and competitors.

Our vision

Our vision sets a target and guides every aspect of our businesses so that they continue to grow sustainably and increase in quality. Our vision includes:

  • To be considered the first and logical choice by our stakeholders (staff, suppliers and customers)
  • To be seen as up-to-date and relevant in the constantly changing commercial environment in Australia and internationally
  • To bind our staff to all the values we aspire to hold
  • To continuously use innovation in technologies and processes to provide a competitive edge and meet our strategic goals
  • To be consistent with our sustainability practices throughout our business units
  • To achieve growth through superior customer service, quality and commitment
Our values

The Pentarch Group Business Structure

Diversity and inclusion

Pentarch embraces diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Our people come from a wide range of backgrounds and have different skills, interests, personalities and capabilities. We are committed to an inclusive culture where everyone is recognised for their unique contributions and are encouraged and assisted to achieve their full potential.