The Pentarch Group

Who we are

Pentarch Forestry commenced business in 1992 by securing an order for a one-off shipment of softwood pine logs to South Korea. It quickly became apparent that there was minimal expertise in this area elsewhere within Australia. We have progressively developed specialist skills and services in the fields of log marshalling, shipping and international trade to facilitate log export operations.

Pentarch Forestry is wholly owned by the Pentarch Group.

Business structure and processes

what we do

Pentarch Forestry is directly involved in the procurement, development and sale of timber products to export markets in China, South Korea, Japan, India and the Middle East.

We are actively involved in all facets of the supply chain, from the forest to end market.

Pentarch Forestry

our people

Pentarch Forestry employs highly qualified staff experienced in all aspects of the business including forestry, harvest and haulage, port logistics, marshalling, stevedoring, international markets and shipping.

Employment with Pentarch

Pentarch Forestry places considerable emphasis on leadership, responsibility and accountability and is committed to developing the skills and career paths of its employees. Creating a rewarding, challenging and safe workplace for all our people is one of our highest priorities.

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Where we are

Pentarch Forestry has developed a strong market presence in China, Korea, the Middle East, India and Japan. In addition, we provide woodchipping services to forest owners in Tasmania and supply softwood and hardwood logs to Australian domestic sawmillers.

We operate from our head office located at Level 1, 99 Coventry Street, Southbank VIC 3006 Australia and have regional offices in Eden (New South Wales), Burnie (Tasmania) and Bunbury (WA) in Australia and Wellington New Zealand.