Timberships overview

Timberships provides specialist shipping and chartering services to Pentarch Forestry and to other commodity and forest product exporters.

We have experience in time and voyage chartering and have shipped a wide range of cargoes, including logs, barley, palm kernel expellers, woodchips, lumber and copper concentrates.

To date, we have shipped more than 16 million tons of cargo across more than 800 voyage charters.

Key Services

Timberships provides a full service solution from ship chartering to loading. Our services include:

  • Chartering of vessels, either via voyage or time charter
  • Deployment of highly skilled Supercargoes to ensure vessels are loaded to maximum cargo carrying capacity
  • Discharge (stevedore and supervision) where required
  • Accounting for vessels including lay time calculations and assessment of demurrage and/or despatch for each load and discharge port
    We work with charterers and ship owners to ensure the best return is achieved for all parties.