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Pentarch Forestry Services (PFS) Overview

Pentarch Forestry Services is known throughout the industry as a trusted and well-established forest management provider, working with forest owners and managers to ensure the most effective solution is applied to all aspects of forest management.

We provide:

  • Ongoing forestry management to forest owners
  • Management of harvest and haulage operations when forest is mature
  • Coordinating the marketing of the harvest to both domestic and export markets.
Pentarch Forestry Services (PFS) Key Services

Pentarch Forestry Services provides forestry owners and managers with an individually tailored full forest-to-market service. We aim to provide superior returns while mitigating risk factors.

Pentarch Forestry Services:

  • Sources sales for all log grades produced from forests
  • Establishes and maintains domestic and export markets which support the forest resource
  • Ensures that all harvesting and haulage operations comply with all OHS statutory requirements and industry standards
  • Employs reputable and skilled harvest and haulage contractors
  • Provides on-ground supervision of harvesting and haulage operations

We utilise Pentarch Forestry’s specialised JD Edwards ERP software to provide monthly production reports to contractors and forest owners/managers.

Pentarch Forestry Services (PFS) Facilities

Pentarch Forestry Services operates in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and Tasmania.

Pentarch Forestry Services (PFS) Markets Domestic/Exports

Pentarch Forestry Services has developed long-term relationships with domestic and export customers providing forest owners broad access to markets which would not generally be easily available to them.

These relationships ensure enhanced security to customers by providing continuity of supply and ultimately result in a superior stumpage return to the grower.