Pentarch Farms has developed a concise, reliable hay grading system that has delivered consistency and has enhanced its reputation as the quality supplier of Australian oaten hay.

Through a chain-of-custody system, Pentarch Farms works closely with its suppliers throughout the growing, cutting, baling and storing processes to ensure that quality parameters are met.

Chemical applications are closely monitored with our growers for compliance with best practice. Pentarch Farms ensures that all aspects of the government’s ARGT legislation are rigorously adhered to. This, of course, is audited regularly by the government authority.

grading chart

As part of Pentarch Agricultural’s commitment to providing a safe product for our customers, we are fully compliant with the protocols in place relating to chemical residues.

This involves gathering information from the grower of the chemicals applied to the crop during the growing season.

This information is recorded into a database called Foddersafe, which is incorporated in the Australian Fodder Industry Association’s website. This database is the only database recognised by our customers.

If chemicals are applied outside the withholding period or the chemical manufacturers’ specifications, an alert will advise and hay from that paddock will be rejected for export.